Remove the Desperation – The Importance of Mindset for New Internet Marketers

''If you only had $50 left to start your business with, how would you begin?"

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"What's the best method to make $10,000 fast?"
"How can I make enough money online to quit my job as soon as possible?"

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These are the KINDS OF QUESTIONS that new entrants to the world of online marketing ask all the time. For a number of reasons, the idea of making money online often attracts people who are in dire financial situations, or are looking to get as rich as possible, as quickly as possible.

Sitting at home at the computer, working a few hours a day, and watching the money roll in seems like the perfect solution for those looking to get out of debt, get out of an unhappy workplace, or to find a way to build the elusive dream life.

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Unfortunately for new marketers, almost everything they've likely heard about making money online is a myth or an outright lie, and the very desperation that draws them to online marketing is the biggest obstacle standing in their way.

Why would being desperate to succeed be a hindrance to a new online marketer?

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The answer lies in the truth about making money on the Web. Specifically, that it takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of time to build a successful business online. While there are indeed many online marketers that enjoy cushy lifestyles and significant passive income streams, those successes did not come overnight. It took those marketers a great deal of time, a great deal of effort, and a great deal of persistence to make those dreams a reality. This might seem obvious, but incredibly enough, too many new marketers, it isn't. To be fair, a large number of bogus gurus and charlatans sell the image of easy money and quick success, so it isn't hard to understand where the misconception comes from.

Where this gets new marketers with a desperate mindset in trouble is when things fail to happen as quickly or easily as they had imagined. Building a strong and sustainable online business takes time, and most importantly, a great deal of perseverance.

Successful online marketers need to be able to stick to their plan in the face of slow growth and little to no earnings at the beginning. Marketers desperate to make money quickly often lack that long-term vision. The result is that when they fail to meet their overinflated expectations, they immediately jump ship on whatever money making method they'd put into action in favor of the next best thing that might just provide them with that quick, easy income stream they're desperate to hit.

This inability to stay focused and stick to a plan is the number one cause of failure among new web marketers. By constantly jumping from one business model to another, disappointed by the failure to strike large, immediate returns, the marketer gives themselves no chance to let any one individual method have the time required to actually grow into a sustainable, repeatable success.

The desperation that drives them ends up being their worst enemy, making it all but impossible for them to reap any real success from their efforts. The amount of money, time, and effort that gets wasted due to this cycle is staggering. The potential revenue that new marketers miss out on by not remaining focused is also staggering.

So what can new marketers do to avoid this sinister trap and ensure the best possible chance of actually making some real money online?

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The FIRST - and most important - step is to avoid the tidal wave of get rich quick hype that they're sure to be inundated with upon entry into the online marketing community. These promises of fast, easy money and simple to follow schemes are the absolute scourge of the industry, and are sure to poison and hinder - if not kill - the potential success of any new marketer that buys into them. The single biggest favor a new marketer can do for themselves is to tune out the noise from the legions of snake oil salesmen that sell unrealistic dreams.

SECONDLY, new marketers need to ensure that they dive into their new projects with realistic expectations as far as the kind of money they can make initially, and how long it will take to generate those earning. The reality is that someone who needs money fast is far better off getting a job at a fast food restaurant than they are trying to make that money online. Diving into web marketing as a way to try to ease immediate debt problems or escape a bad job is the equivalent of going to a casino to achieve the same goal. New marketers looking to begin making money online should treat it as a long term proposition that has the potential to provide them with a very real, sustainable, and enjoyable way to make a living - all in good time.

FINALLY, new marketers need to plan their efforts well and then stay focused on that plan. There are a huge number of tried and tested methods to make money online that are known to work. They aren't all sexy, and almost none are fast. A new marketer that does their research and due diligence, educates themselves, selects a proven method to earn, and sticks to that plan has a great chance at succeeding. Jumping ship to try and find a faster, sexier, easier way to earn is the most surefire way to sink those chances at success and waste a lot of time and money in the process. Focus and a willingness to see things through over the long term are an absolute must for success in the online world.

The idea of sitting at home in pajamas and watching the proverbial cheques roll in is an attractive proposition to almost everyone. It's especially attractive to people who are in dire need of money, either immediately or in the near future. Unfortunately, it isn't very realistic.

A desperate drive to succeed at making money online might seem like it would aid success, but it generally has the exact opposite effect. Those who are unable to put aside their desperation are unlikely to have the patience necessary to see things through in the long term, and are more likely to fall for dishonest promises and get rich quick schemes that will cost them huge amounts of time and money.

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By PUTTING ASIDE that desperate mindset, focusing on realistic goals, and thinking long term, new marketers can maximize their chances at succeeding in meeting their online marketing dreams.