How to Promote Clickbank Products & Generate More Traffic 

Clickbank often the first place newbie affiliate marketers turn to when it comes to making money online.

Choosing a good Clickbank product is one thing but learning how to promote Clickbank products in the right way is a whole new ballgame.

Using a Website to Promote Your Clickbank Product

In order for your Clickbank product promo to make sense, you’ll have to have a place where you can post with minimum restrictions or you have to own a site. Between these two options, the best choice is obviously owning your own site. You can easily get started by purchasing a relevant domain name based on the product or products you’re promoting. After you’ve got the domain, you can choose a host and install WordPress.

Once you’re happy with your new site’s setup, you can work on creating content. The content should revolve around the products you want to promote. Include a review, and then a page dedicated to explaining what makes your product different and better than the competition. Do this for each product on your site.

After the content is ready, you can now focus on generating traffic. The goal here is to create a platform that will result in more sales for you. But to do this you need to draw more traffic to your site and in order to draw more traffic, you need to have a plan designed to attract more site visitors.

How to Promote Clickbank Products

Here are some commonly used methods you can try to bring more traffic to your site:

  • Create your own YouTube channel and embed links to your product or your website.
  • Create video demonstrations of how to use your product.
  • Participate in a variety of forums and link to your site.
  • Create a Facebook page dedicated to your site.

To bring in more visitors and return visits you must add new content on a daily or weekly basis. Creating new, useful, and informative content on your site will not only add to your credibility, you’ll also quickly become the go-to source of information for your products.

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How You Can Promote Your Clickbank Products Without a Site

For those of you without a website, there are other options available when it comes to promoting your products.

Create a list of keywords that are useful, using Google Adwords. This can help you to identify popular search terms and phrases that are commonly used during searches. The goal will be to link these keywords to your product.

Create four to six articles using these keywords. Try to naturally include the keywords without coming off as too salesy. Next, submit your articles to top article directories such as EzineArticles. Make sure you always include an author’s biography or resource box with each submission and be sure to always include your affiliate’s link.