Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing can be a great way for experienced and new online marketers to make some money online.

But in order to make a good living, you need to engage the right way of affiliate marketing skills.

Most of the affiliate marketing programs out there may seem perfect. They each offer features that can make it easy to transition to affiliate marketing, so you can get started earning commissions right away.


Currently, Amazon is one of the most recommended programs for new affiliate marketers. Because Amazon offers a wider range of products, this program is a great choice for anyone who wants to monetize quickly. Their payout system is also pretty great. Starting commission comes in at around four percent and goes up to eight and a half percent.

The fact that Amazon sells pretty much everything means that anyone can make some cash. Earn money by selling to hobbyists, coffee drinkers, hunters, homemakers, and DIYers. The fact that Amazon is such a well-known name and that they offer excellent terms for sale gives consumers confidence in their purchases, which translates to more sales for you.

Rakuten Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Formerly known as LinkShare, Rakuten Marketing features smaller brands and is mostly used for niche markets. But unlike Amazon, Rakuten is not the one selling the products. Instead, they act more like the middleman and help to make money for the promoter and the seller. Many people enjoy this program due to the user-friendly interface, which is perfect for the beginner who is new to the world of affiliate marketing.


Instead of acting as the middleman like Rakuten, Clickbank takes on the role of the distributor. The affiliate marketers will be able to deal directly with manufacturers and suppliers. They also offer an excellent digital goods market, which is really popular among consumers in search of workout programs, weight loss programs, and other types of self-help material.

The site is filled with beginner-friendly features and because they offer a wide variety of products, sale potential is very high.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, like Clickbank, is a type of advertising platform that works directly with suppliers. They also work with major brand names, however, they’re still middlemen. An affiliate won’t deal or work directly with an individual company. Additionally, this program also features stricter program requirements and is designed for the more serious marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Programs to Try

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners is a great site that features a wide range of training programs and classes, plus they also have a large community of knowledgeable affiliate marketing experts that can teach you how to promote Clickbank products or give you advice regarding which programs or platforms to use to boost sales.

CB Passive Income is a popular training program that can also be a great resource for the newbie marketer.

Final Thoughts

The best affiliate marketing programs for beginners can put you on the right path to earning a living with online marketing. The key will be to find the right program for your niche. Programs such as Market Health Affiliate specialize in health and beauty products and will be the perfect option if you have a niche in fitness, or health and beauty.

The programs we have covered here today are just the tip of the iceberg, but they can help you on your way to a successful career in affiliate marketing. The best affiliate marketing program for beginners.