Best Affiliate Marketing Program: CB Passive Income 4.0 Review

Learning how to become a successful online marketer is definitely not easy. That is how Cb Passive Income 4.0 comes in guiding you how to start making money online.

And for many, innovative training programs that can teach you all you need to know about the affiliate world can be a total game changer.

Programs such as CB Passive Income are designed to give the newbie marketer a helping hand and teach them the ropes, but unfortunately, this program glosses over some important areas of AF marketing that can have a negative impact on how successful you’ll be at earning money online.

Have you heard the hype surrounding CB Passive Income 4.0 and you’re wondering whether it’s a scam or if you should jump at your chance to buy?

If you’re not new to affiliate marketing, then the odds are you’ve heard of this program, but since it has received plenty of mixed feedback, it's hard to determine whether or not it’s worth the money.

Patric Chan is the author behind this program, and since the launch of CB Passive Income 3.0 he’s done a complete overhaul of the program and came up with the 4.0 version, which he claims is much bigger and better than CBPI 3.0 version. In fact, it tends to focus more on social media and it’s built for mobile support. But it still has many of the same downfalls that sunk last year’s version. So, is the 4.0 edition really worth the buy?

Let’s take a closer look at what this program has to offer and figure out if buying CB Passive Income will be a big mistake or a solution to all your online marketing woes.

Overview and Features

This is the best affiliate marketing program that’s received plenty of feedback from marketers who were looking for a new way to boost their online business. But the feedback wasn’t exactly positive. In fact, many marketers were left with more questions than answers.

So, what’s this best affiliate marketing  program all about?

This is an email marketing program that comes with a little twist. Typically, your average email marketing campaign will begin with a type of lead capturing method, like an opt-in page that offers a free giveaway. Once the lead has been added the campaign is set in motion and the lead will begin to receive several promo emails.

But the big issue here is the fact that most site visitors resent being sold to, at least in the beginning. So, the author decided to create this program that focuses on how to make it easier to sell to site visitors.

But how did he do it?

Basically, the last portion of the campaign, regarding the promo emails is cut short, with the goal of avoiding irritating a new lead with a massive series of promotional emails that are designed to get them buying ASAP.

Instead, your job will be to send traffic to several squeeze pages. These squeeze pages offer a variety of free giveaways. The leads will be automatically added to an email list, and the author, Patric sells them for you. He takes over the email marketing job and will send you a commission if he lands a sale from the traffic you bring in. While this may sound great, you have to figure out how to generate the traffic.

In short, the author gets rid of some of the work for you, but unfortunately, he leaves you with one of the most difficult tasks.

Who is Patric Chan?

Patric Chan is a published author and well-known online marketer. His career began back in 2003 and since then, he’s earned quite the reputation in the online marketing world. The author of several books, Chan is said to have helped thousands of online marketers learn how to become more profitable.

Will You Make Money with CB Passive Income?

If you’re a newbie, then it can be easy to overlook the program’s faults. To sum it up, you’ll have to create content that gets ranked in search engines and drive traffic from the content to the squeeze pages or send paid traffic to the squeeze pages. But if you’re able to do this successfully already, then you don’t even need this program.

Often, your promo emails either get sent directly to a spam folder, or they’re marked as spam, especially when a new site visitor starts getting flooded with a lot of them. This program is directed at marketers who don’t want to attach their names to their series of email blasts. But while this may sound like a great idea for the newbie marketer, it can actually be a major issue.

People love purchasing products from people they know and trust. When there’s no trust, making a sale is just that much harder. Basically, your focus should be on building trust first, then you should worry about making the sale.

Unfortunately, this program totally skips over this problem. While this program handles one portion of the campaign, they fail to address the importance of establishing trust, which is what has the most impact on sale potential.

They also quickly brush over the subject of getting more traffic through a series of videos, but the methods used are nothing new.

This program does include some marketing training material, but it’s pretty basic and a little outdated.

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What You Can Get Out of This Affiliate Marketing Program

Cb Passive Income

The average newbie affiliate marketer simply doesn’t have the type of cash it would take to spend on traffic, so instead, they choose free marketing methods such as word of mouth or social media. But the big problem here is that thousands of other AF marketers are offering the exact same products and deals on social media. And you know what? Nobody really clicks on those links.

Fortunately, Facebook has added some new features for the AF marketer and the CB Passive Income program will teach you how to make the most of them.

This updated version of CB Passive Income comes equipped with a lot of training material that’s dedicated to the new list-building features on Facebook. It will teach you how to make opt-in forms and ads that are integrated into FB. It’s actually a pretty neat feature and most people loved how this program teaches marketers how to expertly use it.

But the major problem here is the fact that those site visitors who do end up signing up will end up on someone else’s list, not yours.

Package Details

In this package, you’ll find a variety of PDF downloads and videos, plus three free bonuses.

Aside from the Facebook marketing module, most of the included marketing material is pretty basic. As an example, the author recommends using the very same marketing techniques that everyone else uses such as making blog comments, guest blog posts, creating a social media presence, and even YouTube. While these techniques can work, they don’t exactly give you an edge.

With the purchase of this system, the author claims that you’ll enjoy ongoing support, following a program that can boost your income as quickly as possible.

You’ll get software that copies Chan’s squeeze pages and it’s what you’ll use to generate your commissions, plus a link that you’ll include in your email marketing campaigns.

The program also offers software, so you can stay on top of tracking signups and commissions.

Training material:

  • Solo ads
  • How to combine YouTube and your other social media accounts.
  • How to create press releases
  • Facebook marketing tips
  • YouTube marketing.
  • Guest blogging
  • Fifty videos of traffic generating methods

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll get a few bonuses with signup. These bonuses include:

•    Digital cover creator: This software program provides pro looking 2D eBook covers, so you don’t need to worry too much about your lack of design skills.

•    Traffic from Google: The author briefly touches on how to generate traffic using SEO.

•    Email Assassin: This bonus discusses how to use proven email marketing tactics in order to generate more leads with your next email campaign.

This package obviously comes with a lot of material that can help to familiarize the beginner with how affiliate marketing works and how to create an email campaign, it can even show them the ropes in terms of generating traffic, but anyone that has experience with online marketing won’t learn anything new.

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  • You’ll be given an affiliate link that leads to one of several different opt-in pages. Your job will be to promote said link whenever the opportunity arises.
  • The program material is easy to understand and use.
  • The training material will teach you how to use proven techniques to generate more traffic.
  • The Facebook marketing tips can help you learn how to better utilize this platform to get more leads.
  • If you’re not satisfied you can take advantage of the sixty-day money back guarantee.


  • Why would you want to help Patric to build his list when you can focus on building your own?
  • While most marketers can appreciate that this product is updated regularly, it lacks a lot of important material.
  • The program leaves you feeling like you just paid to promote Patric’s list.
  • This program doesn’t focus on building relationships with your leads.
  • The program uses old methods to generate traffic and has nothing new to offer marketers that can help to boost leads and generate more traffic.
  • If you know the basics of how to generate traffic, then this program is not for you.

Summing it Up

To start, if you have experience with affiliate marketing and generating traffic using methods such as email campaigns or guest blogging, then you won’t really benefit from what the author has to offer. He doesn’t show us any new or very effective ways to get more traffic. He leaves that solely up to you, so you can expect to put in some serious work if you’re hoping to generate any commissions. For the newbie, this can be both frustrating and confusing. For the seasoned marketer, it’s a total waste of time.

Although his module on how to use Facebook’s new ads is insightful, for many, it’s not worth the price of the package.

You’ll get a link and a squeeze page to use to get Patric some sales, for which you’ll get a small commission. But you’re not building your own list. Instead, all of your hard work is going toward building Patric’s list.

You’ll focus on creating email campaigns as you struggle with ways to bring in more traffic, which can be very discouraging for the newbie trying to start their own online business.

For some, this program has left them feeling like a foot soldier that has to pay the author for the privilege of building his list.

There are many best affiliate marketing  program out there that offer exciting marketing methods that will actually teach you something new, but this program isn’t one of them.

If you’ve decided that this program just isn’t for you, then take a look at our review on the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Ultimate CB Passive Income 4.0 Conclusion and Rating

Passive Income Product Rating: (3/5)

Anyone new to online marketing can spend hours going over the CB program material, but they’ll quickly realize that they’re working hard to make commissions for someone else, instead of focusing on growing their own business.

The seasoned marketer knows the importance of slowly building a relationship with their site visitors and establishing trust. This is crucial to any online marketer’s success. Build trust, build your list, earn more commissions. Offer site visitors something they need, something they consider useful.

But this program doesn’t focus on building trust with site visitors, and that’s where it really falls flat.

Honestly, there are many experienced marketers out there that don’t think CB Passive Income is that great of a product. And others can agree that it’s mediocre at best. Your main focus will be to drive traffic for sales, but you’re not making the sale, Patric is. You won’t learn how to build relationships using your email list, instead, you just provide the traffic Patric needs to land a sale. While the program does offer some decent basic marketing information, it’s really not worth the buy if you have some affiliate marketing experience. Instead, most AF marketers will be much better off focusing on how to build their own list and create the type of trust with their site visitors that results in repeat business and an increase in commissions. We gave this program a rating of three out of five stars.

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